Did You Run With Me Today Daddy?


Did you run with me today daddy

As I hoped and prayed you would

Did you grab the other dads up there

And let them know they could

Was that you I saw in the clear blue sky

in the graceful bird that soared so high

Were you the breeze that kissed me as I ran by

Did you run with me today daddy?


I miss you daddy!  

Hope you’re having an ice cold beer with the other dads in heaven

and enjoying a very Happy Father’s Day!  

Your loving daughter,








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Tell Me How You’d Run A Race & I’ll Tell You How You’d Run Your Business

Nashville half April 2012

This morning as I was jogging home on my 3 mile run, it began to rain.  As I was being showered head to toe, a thought struck me and I realized that so many of the experiences I have had while running miles have a striking similarity to the experiences I have had while running my home based business.  To be successful in either, here are 3 questions to ponder:

Do You Give It Your “All”?

There have been times when the rain had started mid-run and I was thankful for the reprieve from the heat.  I had pushed myself hard and I appreciated the cool showers.  Then there have been times when I cursed the rain.  I had viewed it as one more thing in the way of my goals.  The difference in the 2 scenarios is the energy I had exerted during the run.  When I am barely exerting myself and just going through the motions, I view the rain as a negative.  However, when I run “full out”, pushing myself to improve and giving the run my best, I view the rain as a positive.

In business, when we find ourselves just going through the motions, small setbacks can be seen as insurmountable…detrimental even, to the future of our business.  On the flip side, when we give it our all, it’s easier to see small setbacks as a time to pause, reflect, and maybe even recalculate.  And when you give it “your all”, you are stretching your “capability muscles” which, in turn, makes you capable of bigger and better things in the future!

Do You Have A “Possibility Mindset”?  

Too many of us allow our excuses to impede our progress.  We have a whole laundry list as to why we can’t: the weather; a headache; no time; no energy; not enough resources; not enough money; too stressed, etc.  The excuses can be applied to nearly anything.  Why we can’t exercise; why we can’t succeed in our business; why we can’t get organized; why we can’t stop smoking; why we can’t save money; etc.  What I have discovered is the most successful people in this world focus on what’s possible.  While they, too, could give a whole list of excuses as to why they can’t, they choose to focus on how they can.

Those that use excuses believe that successful people don’t have the same obstacles,  when in fact, their list could very well be the exact same.  It’s just not the list they focus their attention on because they know it detracts from the goal at hand.  Here’s a good exercise to try.  On a blank piece of paper, write your goal at the top.  Let’s take “Run 3 days a week” as an example.  Now draw a line down the middle of your paper.  In the left column write “why I can’t” and in the right column write “how I can”.  Now fill in both sides.  The key to success is to focus on the right column!

why i can't chart

Do You Have A Plan That Can Lead You To Your Goal?

As a relatively new 1/2 marathon runner, there were runs where I would get caught up in the excitement of the race.  The M.C. would announce the start and I’d take off at a pace that would be impossible for me to keep.  I’d run much faster and harder than what I had ever trained for and then I would burn out in the end.  During the last half of the run, I’d be at a much slower pace than what I was truly capable of because I had exerted all of my energy in the first half.

In business, without a plan, you might get caught up in the excitement at the start, working overtime everyday and then hitting burnout early on.  Once you’ve hit burnout, you’ll begin to under perform and your business will be in the danger zone.  Whether running miles or running a business, I’ve learned that it’s best to pace yourself right from the start.  Begin with an end goal in mind and break it down to the pace you’ll need to keep each mile to avoid burnout and yet still achieve your goal.  Chunk your business goals down into monthly, weekly, and then daily activities and then commit to taking consistent action.

When you give it your all; focus on your possibilities; and work your plan consistently, you will find yourself leading the race every time.  I look forward to seeing YOU at the finish line!

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Fit, Fab & Lean in 2013!

painted landscape

Happy New Year!

I love the first day of a New Year!  I like to think of this day as a blank canvas waiting to be painted with fresh strokes of wondrous beauty.  Each of us is the artist and we can make our canvas as bold and as bright as we desire.  We can choose one color, multiple colors, or paint with the entire rainbow.  How will YOU “color” the next 365 days?  What will your work of art look like as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2013?

This year, I picture myself “Fit, Fab & Lean in 2013”!  Does that sound like a work of art that you too, would like to create?  Then follow my Top 3 Tips below.


A little more than a year ago, as 2011 was drawing to an end, I found myself fed up with how I felt physically.  Although I had been a size 6-8 my whole adult life, I ended that year a size 12.  I felt fat, tired, and depressed.  I was not proud of my nonchalant attitude towards my health and so I “MADE THE DECISION” that 2012 was going to be a year to change that.  It’s important to note that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between “wanting” or “wishing” for something, and “deciding” on something.  Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning, says that “if ‘incision’ means ‘to cut’ then ‘decision’ means ‘to cut out all possibility that anything other than your goal will happen.'”  Decision is very much aligned with commitment.  When you “MAKE THE DECISION“, you commit to taking action until your goal has been reached.

Step Two:  “MAKE A PLAN“!

Don’t just “think” it, “ink” it!  Write down your plan of action.  What steps can you take each month, each week, each day to achieve your ultimate goal?  In order for me to get fit, lose weight, and begin to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, I knew my plan needed to include changing 2 things.  I needed to “get moving” and I needed to change the things I was feeding my body.  (Notice I didn’t say “diet”.  I believe that word is sabotaging to the goal and one reason why we often fluctuate in our weight loss attempts.)

So my “get moving” plan was to begin a weekly run/walk regimen.  The beauty of this is that I didn’t need a gym membership and the only equipment I needed was a good pair of running shoes.  I started by doing what is called 1:1 intervals.  I would run for 1 minute and walk for 1 minute.  I did this for 30 minutes a day on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and on Sunday mornings I did 1:1’s for a longer run.  My “long” run started out as 3 miles, the next week 4, then 5, etc.  I mapped out my runs on my calendar.

My “meal plan” was to reintroduce green vegetables into my diet and cut back on the things that were “luxuries”.  Let me just say that I love junk food, fast food, delivery pizza, etc. and I thought I hated green vegetables so I knew this plan was not going to be easy!  I made myself eat 2 cups of green vegetables with lunch and 2 cups with dinner.  The funny thing is that when I cut back the “luxuries” (sweets, sodas, carbs, etc.) and ate more of what Mother Nature created (broccoli, spinach, kale, etc.), my palate actually began to change and I discovered that I actually LOVE green vegetables.  (Ask me how to make Kale chips….they’re better than potato chips AND better for you!)  I mapped out my “meal plan” (breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus) on my calendar.


It’s easier to stick to your goal when there’s a party at the end!  🙂  At the beginning of January 2012, I registered for the “Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon” taking place in Orlando, Florida at the end of February.  I had just 7 short weeks to train.  My longest run up until this point was 3.1 miles.  A half marathon is 13.1 miles!  To me, this was what Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, calls a “BHAG–Big Hairy Audacious Goal”.  I wasn’t sure if it was possible for me to run that far but I did know that I would be accomplishing my ultimate “Fit” goal in the attempt.  The Disney Princess became my “CELEBRATION”.  I knew that by sticking to my “meal plan” and my “get moving” plan, I would get to celebrate “like a princess” at Walt Disney World.

I’m happy to report that not only did I complete that 1/2 marathon, but I also achieved my “Fit” goal.  From December 2011 to February 2012, I went from a size 12 to a size 8.  Having dropped 2 sizes, I was full of energy again.  My confidence was back and I was once again, in love with life!  I completed 5 more half marathons since then and wrapped up 2012 with my last 1/2 of the year on December 30th.

And now that we’ve begun a whole New Year, I am ready for my next “CELEBRATION”!  I will be running in the 2013 Disney Princess half marathon this coming February, only this time I will be joined with 2 new running recruits…one of my BFF’s Donna Knox, and her niece Jamie Knox.  For 2013, I commit to staying fit, dropping another size (want to return to 6!) and maintaining my healthy lifestyle.  Are YOU ready to “MAKE THE DECISION”?  Post below if you’re committed to joining me in getting “Fit, Fab & Lean in 2013!”

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